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Welcome to fruits & Roots
Established in 2016, Fruits and Roots emerges to be one of the leading Importers , Exporters, Re- exporters, Wholesalers and Local distributors of Fresh Fruits , Vegetables and Foodstuff in the GCC region. We are a private owned company specialized in import, re-export and wholesale of fresh fruits ,vegetables and other Foodstuff.

Fruits and Roots is a front runner in the market and has been doing business all over the world with fruits , vegetables and foodstuff being imported from most regions from Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Australia . Exporting and Re-exporting to GCC regions including Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait to name a few. We have been able to give the growers the best prices and the buyers the highest quality of fruits and vegetables at the lowest possible prices. With far-reaching aspirations that our team has cultivated, we are now a renowned and esteemed re-exporter globally.

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Why Fruits & Roots?
Fruits and Roots has a wide range of sales and purchase departments throughout Dubai.
Along with our qualified staff, safe and secure handling, management and storage of produce throughout the supply chain is something we take great pride in. We make use of clean well-maintained vehicles and our drivers understand and comprehend, how important each and every delivery is.

Quality Control
We guarantee food safety, quality and traceability of the products from the harvest fields to the final consumers.
The Quality Control Department of Fruits and Roots is furnished with the latest technologies and devices to accurately manage, operate and monitor the quality measure processes. Thus, we assure and guarantee the quality and safety with each product that we receive and dispatch. Quality is also uniquely delivered as per the loading details specified by the clients

Cold Storage
Fruits and Roots holds about over 20,000 metric ton of combined cold storage capacity, which is well equipped with state of the art technologies to optimally serve our customers throughout the region and rest of the world. All our available facilities make sure that each of our products are well maintained and well preserved upon receipt from our suppliers and upon delivery to our customers’ front door.

Convinient Packs and Packaging
Our Packaging Options are ample and wide in range, as we strive to constantly work with global material suppliers to be on the cutting edge of up-coming packaging trends.

Product Fruits & Roots
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Foodstuff
Garlic Vegetables
Coconut Vegetables
Ginger Vegetables
Tomato Vegetables
Potato Vegetables
Onion Vegetables
Chilly Vegetables
Lemon Vegetables
Okra Vegetables
Orange Fruits
Apple Fruits
Mango Fruits
Banana Fruits
Grapes Fruits
Avocadoes Fruits
Berries Fruits
Pomegranate Fruits
Pappaya Fruits
Pineapple Fruits
Kiwi Fruits
Sugar Foodstuff
Rice Foodstuff
Oil Foodstuff
Eggs Foodstuff
Forzen chicken Foodstuff
Juices & Beverages Foodstuff
Pulses Foodstuff
Powder Spices Foodstuff
Pickles Foodstuff
Sauces Foodstuff
Butter and Cheese Foodstuff

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